The Old 97’s: Music Hall of Williamsburg 24 October 2012

The Old 97’s are touring in celebration of the 15th anniversary of Too Far to Care, which many consider to be their best album. Almost 20 years ago I visited my friend Sam in Dallas. He was friends with the band Killbilly and had produced two of their cds. Then four years ago rtb invited […]

Fall for Dance: New York City Center 6 October 2012

Third program of Fall for Dance for me and the third program of this Saturday. This time it was Peter and me at New York City Center. Dinner this evening was ziti Bolognese and broccoli rabe. Some female Hawaiian dancers were teaching some dance moves to anyone who wanted to learn. Peter and I found […]

Period Acting: New Yorker Festival 6 October 2012

Cherry Jones is an Actor. She’s engaging and lively when interviewed. She can talk about her craft in a way that you always learn something new and you are always fascinated. She is the reason why I bought a ticket for the Period Acting panel at The New Yorker Festival. John Slattery brought the Mad […]

Fall for Dance: New York City Center 2 October 2012

This week I had a lot of shows to see but unfortunately my body had other plans. I missed Frank Turner on Sunday night, Alabama Shakes on Thursday night, and the first night of the New Yorker Festival with music and interviews with the Punch Brothers. At least I got myself out of bed for […]