Priscilla: HBO 25 February 2024

I just wasted two hours of my life on Priscilla. It was written and directed by Sofia Coppola, so you would think it would have been a good movie. Instead it was boring. And I realized what made it so boring – most of the movie was Priscilla waiting around for Elvis to show up while Elvis was out doing the exciting things like movies, concerts, and TV. We didn’t see any of that. Just the manipulation and abuse.

On top of that, Coppola used music in the worst way. Like Forrest Gump, another movie I disliked, the lyrics of popular songs were used to narrate the action on film. So unnecessary. Ending with Dolly singing “I Will Always Love You” as Priscilla leaves Graceland. A song that the Colonel tried to buy all the rights to from Dolly for Elvis.

Then there was the acid trip with ‘Eastern’ music in the background and filters and fuzzy effects like a bad B-movie from the late 1960s.

The movie is based on Priscilla’s book Elvis and Me. But what’s funny is that the most interesting part of her life is after Elvis died. She took an estate that was in the red and made Elvis, Inc. a multi-million dollar corporation for their daughter Lisa to take over when she came of age. And her affair with her karate instructor is hinted at. And if they dealt with life after Elvis, there would also have to be mention of Scientology. 

Variety: ‘Priscilla’ Music Supervisor Randall Poster and Phoenix on the ‘Challenge’ of Not Having Elvis Songs and That Heartbreaking Final Scene

By Carene Lydia Lopez