Frankenstein: National Theatre on YouTube 1 May – 8 May only

The National Theatre’s YouTube channel is showing Frankenstein. There are two versions: Benedict Cumberbatch is the monster and Jonny Lee Miller is Frankenstein. In the other version, they switch roles. The two Sherlocks. The play is a steampunk lover’s dream – costumes and set design. Acting is brilliant, of course. It’s a two-hour play and […]

Cambodian Rock Band: Signature Theatre 11 February 2020

Yesterday, one of my bosses gifted me with his tickets to see Cambodian Rock Band at the Irene Diamond Stage in the Signature Theatre. Walking to the theater, which is way over on the far west end of 42nd Street, I was struck by how much that area has changed. I used to work near […]

Little Shop of Horrors: Westside Theatre 21 November 2019

When we found out that Groffsauce (Jonathan Groff) would be starring in an off-Broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors at the Westside Theatre, rtb and I were there. The Westside Theater only holds 270 people upstairs, so the tickets were selling quickly and we were able to get seats but not together. rtb got […]