Pancake Month: Clinton Street Baking Company 5 & 7 February 2024

It’s Pancake Month at the Clinton Street Baking Company and the ones we were all jonesing for were the fresh coconut pancakes (with caramelized pineapple, brûléed bananas, roasted macadamia nuts, and warm maple butter) but the reservations for those were full. rtb and I decided to try the breakfast walk-in on Monday. I got there about 8:40am and she showed up a few minutes later. We were third and fourth on line. At 9am, they took the people who had reservations first. Lucky for us, there were still tables available, so we were the first walk-ins.

The maple butter was unnecessary. There were bits of cut up pineapple under the coconut cream along with the caramelized pineapple. My last bite was pancake, a big chunk of caramelized pineapple, and coconut. Perfect. The syrup on the bottom was pineapple-y also  (but that could have been my imagination and it was just the maple butter). Brûléed banana was not my favorite but I still ate it. I slept on the subway on the way home and then was in a pancake coma.

What they showed on their Instagram that morning looks even better than what we got.

We had reservations for the raspberry jam pancakes (real raspberry jam, fresh raspberries, toasted almond butter, vanilla whipped cream) dinner on Wednesday with peg and Mistress Manners and we did not know if we could handle more pancakes.

But on Wednesday rtb and I made it for a second time this week at Clinton Street Baking Company for Pancake Month and pancakes for dinner with peg and Mistress Manners. 

Both rtb and I were still in a pancake coma from Monday’s breakfast and she was contemplating getting something else and I suggested we split a plate, which worked out very well. I got the dressed greens and double-smoked bacon for sides. This time I was not so full plus I got to enjoy their excellent raspberry jam. I totally forgot to try the toasted almond butter (I think I thought it was syrup, which I do not generally like) and I am disappointed about that but maybe rtb will tell me that I was not missing much. Their bacon is so perfectly cooked and the dressed greens were just what I needed to cut through all the carbs.

There will be more pancakes at Clinton Street Baking Company but no more pancakes for me. It was great to see Mistress Manners and catch up with her life.

rtb doing her Vanna White:

By Carene Lydia Lopez