Lucero: White Eagle Hall, Jersey City, NJ 21 February 2020

I need at least another day added to the week so that I have time to write up all the reviews I need to write up. The closest my boys were coming to NYC was going to be Jersey City – Ben (Nichols – vocals, electric and acoustic guitars) did his now three-peat solo gig […]

Lucero: Minglewood Hall, Memphis, TN 13 December 2019

I decided this year to go to Lucero’s Family Christmas in Memphis. The last time I was there was in 2010, so I thought it was time to go again. I was in Memphis from Thursday to Sunday and you can read about my trip here. My Lyft driver had a very Christmassy decorated car […]

Lucero: Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix 22 October 2019

As I detailed here, my birthday had sucked so far. I was visiting my sister and Phoenix and had bought tickets for Lucero for my birthday and the day was not going well. I walked into the Crescent Ballroom as soon as the doors opened and found myself a place at the stage. There were […]