Cuban Visions: Metropolitan Pavillion 29 May 2011

There’s a celebration of Cuban arts and culture in NYC from March until June 2011 called the !Sí Cuba! Festival and I’ve missed most of what I wanted to see (including the Cuban choreographers working with Ballet Hispanico) but I did manage to make it to Cuban Visions, which is an exhibit of contemporary Cuban […]

The Head and the Heart: Mercury Lounge 17 May 2011

The Head and the Heart (I keep wanting to write The Hand and the Heart) are bouncy. Very bouncy. The three singers are bouncy. The keyboardist and drummer are bouncing in their seats. Singing lines like “someday we’ll all be ghosts” or “I want to die with the one I love” while bouncing all over […]

The Head and the Heart: Mercury Lounge 17 May 2011

I don’t have time to write a full review today but I caught this band last night at a sold-out show and they’re very good. I wanted to let you know that they’re appearing on Jimmy Fallon tonight, so here’s your chance to see what may be the next big thing. Full review of Mercury […]

David Ford: The Rock Shop 14 May 2011

My third night in a row seeing David Ford and I was feeling a little stalkery but I saw people there who had also been to all three shows so that made me feel a bit better. This time it was just rtb and me – violaleeblue was supposed to come but had to cancel […]

David Ford: Le Poisson Rouge 13 May 2011

Day two of David’s three-day stint in NY and again he was playing one of my favorite clubs. Le Poisson Rouge is the former Village Gate in the heart of Greenwich Village. There was a short line when I got there so I was able to get a great seat near the stage but not […]

David Ford: Turning Point Café 12 May 2011

David Ford is back in the USA and this time for a book tour – but there are no bookstore readings. Instead we get David doing what he enjoys – playing music for an appreciative audience. Like most people, I was always asking myself, “Why isn’t this guy a huge star?” He’s got the talent […]

Alejandro Escovedo: Bell House 30 April 2011

Happy to be back at the Bell House since I hadn’t been there for a while. Happy to see Alejandro Escovedo again even though it was only a month ago that I last saw him. Happy to see an opening act with whom I was unfamiliar but was in love with by the end of […]