Paul Giamatti: The New Yorker Festival 2 October 2011

Paul Giamatti is probably a terrific interview when given the chance to speak. Unfortunately the interviewer was Mark Singer, who seems to be madly hopelessly in love with his own voice. Instead of asking Giamatti to set-up a film clip, Singer droned on and on. In introducing Giamatti, Singer spoke so long that I thought […]

Mavis Staples: The New Yorker Festival 1 October 2011

By the time I was reminded that tickets had gone on sale for The New Yorker Festival, I knew most of the panels/interviews would be sold out. I was able to get a ticket for Mavis Staples, who would be interviewed by Lawrence Wright and singing at The Gramercy Theater. The show was not sold […]

X: Irving Plaza 30 September 2011

X is back on tour – this time performing their 1980 debut album Los Angeles and showing the 1986 documentary The Unheard Music – but most importantly touring with a healthy Exene, who announced back in June that she does not have MS. I got there a little after 7pm and the doorman told me […]