Glenn Tilbrook: Stage 48 16 October 2013

Stage 48 is a new venue for us. A former horse stable all the way over on the west side, it’s a club, lounge, and a place for private events. There are raised VIP sections on the main floor and in the balcony. rtb and I got seats in the balcony – there were very comfortable seats. Much more luxuriant than any club we’ve been in before. The tables and chairs on the main floor (as rtb described them) looked like a food court. The balcony railings were all glass to the floor so when you were sitting you could still see the band. Because rtb is a visual person, the glass felt like a separation between her and the band. Because I’m an aural person, the glass muting the sound coming from the array right in front of it kept messing with the experience. Still, it is a very nice venue – good size and good sound (when you’re standing).

I got there late so just got to hear the last of opener’s Joe Michelini (River City Extension) songs. From what I heard he sounded good.


Both of us were disappointed that the room wasn’t sold out/full for Glenn Tilbrook. rtb said the show was being recorded and I see on his website that recording of the US tour will be available in November through his website.

Glenn never disappoints. He sings the songs we want to hear. He gives us a couple of new ones. And his banter is always funny. Chris McNally (keys, harmonium, ukuleles) was given a solo spot as was Simon Hanson (percussion). Hanson had a lot of instruments to keep track of and for one song his hands were busy with some small drums so he made the cabasa sound vocally.

Glenn still amazes me with what he’s able to do with an acoustic guitar. This time he also played with technology – recording the audience “Ooooos” and then playing them back. He made a rude mention about artists who only use technology and for the last song of the first set (“Bing A Bong”) the entire band mimed the motions while a track played all the music and Glenn lipsynced.

Some of the songs we heard were “Best of Times,” “Pulling Mussels (From a Shell),” “Annie Get Your Gun,” and “Still Life.” A wonderful standout was his version of “(Until You Come Back) That’s What I’m Gonna Do,” where he totally changed the melody so it became a brand new song.

The audience sang along for a lot of the songs and, as usual, did the background vocals for “Black Coffee in Bed” and “Tempted.” Glenn face lit up when the audience did the background vocals for both. We sing them every time and every time he looks surprised and delighted that we know the songs that well. Someone in the audience even did the low growl for “Tempted.”

The evening ended with “Goodbye Girl” with all of us singing loudly and wildly and begging for more.








By Carene Lydia Lopez