David Ford: Rockwood Music Hall 10 March 2015

It was a rainy Tuesday night but rtb, Mrs. Devereaux, and I were excited because we were standing on line ready to see David Ford in one of our favorite rooms.

We were second in line so we decided to try the tables upstairs. There are only a few so they’re difficult to come by. It’s a great way to see the show. Good angle and good sound.

Opening was another act associated with Ingrid Michaelson (we first saw Ford when he opened for her), Mick Lynch of Storyman. Lynch is a big Irish guy with a beautiful romantic voice. Even his songs about UFOs and ghosts sound romantic. Emily Grove joined him for the ghost song. He finished with a lovely version of “Bohemian Rhapsody.”


Joining David Ford on stage were Emily Grove on back-up vocals and Ryan (Little Toilet), who is from Ford’s hometown, on guitar, piano, keyboards, and back-up vocals.

Ford performed songs from his latest release and some of the older songs we all know and love. He performed his live tour de force – “State of the Union.” If you have never heard David Ford, I advise you to look for a live YouTube version and watch it to know what you’re missing. It’s the best of his singing, songwriting, playing, and looping all in one song.

Once again, David’s vocals send chills down my spine while I marvel at his wonderful lyrics. “One of These Days” is my new favorite song – it’s heartbreaking.

There wasn’t much storytelling because there wasn’t much time but there was a funny impromptu story while he tried to fix the computer-driven keyboards.

Mick Lynch joined the band for the encore, “Take it to the Limit,” an Eagles cover.




Set List

The Ballad of Miss Lily
Pour a Little Poison
One of These Days
Devil Come Take This Town
Waiting for the Storm
I’m Alright Now
State of the Union
O’Sullivan’s Jukebox
I Don’t Care What You Call Me
Every Time
Take it to the Limit

By Carene Lydia Lopez