Iris DeMent: Lincoln Center Out of Doors 9 August 2015

It was time for the last two concerts for Lincoln Center Out of Doors and I was determined to see both shows. There was an early show at 3pm in Hearst Plaza and then a 7pm show at Damrosch Park. The early show was Iris DeMent, one of Jack’s favorite singers. She didn’t perform his favorite song (“Our Town”) but she did perform a nice mix of songs from her new album and her older stuff.

DeMent only played piano at this gig but her instrument is her unique voice. It’s high and pretty like Emmylou Harris’. Her music is influenced by country, gospel, and folk. Her band is an electric bass, drums, and electric guitar, pedal steel, and mandolin.

Her new album is 18 poems by Russian poet Anna Akhmatova set to music. One poem was about being in an airplane for the first time, which DeMent saw as a Johnny Cash song. “All is Sold” and “Song of Songs” were two of the songs I really liked.

It was a warm August afternoon and sitting under the trees listening to Iris DeMent was so relaxing and enjoyable. I could have spent hours listening to her.


By Carene Lydia Lopez