Lake Street Dive: Rockwood Music Hall 12 November 2015

After John Moreland made me cry, Lake Street Dive made me smile – a very wide, full of joy smile.

I had to exit out the back through Rockwood 3 after the Moreland show and walk around the block to the front of Rockwood 2. Lucky for me, rtb and violaleeblue were first in line. We were determined to get a table in the balcony (mollyT was meeting us there also). Luck seemed to be following us in regards to this show. Lake Street Dive sells out to thousands but they were doing a short tour of small spaces. I happened to catch the tweet alerting me to when tickets would be on sale. All of us got tickets right away – this was the fastest selling show in Rockwood history. And then we got one of only two four-tops available in the balcony. The place was packed tightly and I was glad to be sitting away from the crowd.

The show was fantastic. Rachael Price (vocals) is a wonderful singer – soulful and full of joy. Mike Calabrese (drums/vocals), Mike “McDuck” Olson (guitar/trumpet/vocals), and Bridget Kearney (upright bass/vocals) were all wonderful also. They told funny stories and Calabrese meowed his way through the instrumental break in “Bohemian Rhapsody.” That was one of the highlights of the night. The band played and sang right on point but it was the room singing along that made it perfect. The other cover they played was “Walking on Broken Glass,” which fits them.

The band is a combination of forties swing, sixties discotheque, and modern pop. Price’s blouse had fringe on the bottom that moved along when she danced. And she danced all the time.

They played a lot of old favorites that the crowd sang along with and also played several songs from their new cd, which comes out next year. We even sang along to the new songs – at least with the choruses, which were easy enough to learn.

We were lucky to get to see Lake Street Dive in a small venue but I’d see them any time and any place.



By Carene Lydia Lopez