Surprise! Posting again

No surprise – I’ve let myself fall way behind on posting again. One of the exciting things about fall is that at the end of September/beginning of October are three special NYC events – Fall for Dance (five programs of four/five dances a night for only $15 each night), The New Yorker Festival (interviews and panel discussions – expensive), and Open House New York Weekend (free). Sometimes all three events happen the same weekend and you have to scramble from location to location.

Today the tickets for The New Yorker Festival 2017 went on sale and the Fall for Dance tickets go on sale this Sunday. The prices for The New Yorker Festival are so expensive now that I was limited to two events. I probably should only have bought for one event. For Fall for Dance, I’ll buy for all five programs because you get a lot of dance for little money (even with the ticket fees). The Open House New York Weekend locations haven’t been released yet but it’s the second weekend in October and I’m looking forward to seeing what places will be available for viewing.

By Carene Lydia Lopez