Poundcake: City Winery  21 June 2021

I am behind in my write-ups and I am lucky enough to have more shows planned, so I better get started or I am going to fall way behind again.

This was the first ticket that our concert-going group purchased when things started to open up in May in NYC. 

Unlike the John Mulaney show, which was in May, everything is now at full capacity. So, there were more tables closer together (they upgraded our tickets). You still need proof of vaccination or negative COVID test. Unfortunately, the food at City Winery is still a disappointment. Dinner is hit and miss. But the wine is good.

Poundcake is Ethan Eubanks (drums/vocals), Jeff Hill (electric bass/vocals), and Teddy Thompson (electric and acoustic guitar/vocals) performing rockabilly and country classics. In-between songs there are comedy asides. I do not know if it was because of the long break but the comedy was subdued this time around. Basically, they came out on stage, started with “That’s All Right Mama,” and almost barreled through the set. Ethan did make Teddy laugh with some asides during “D-I-V-O-R-C-E.”

Jeff is now playing in Steve Earle’s band and Ethan quipped, “There go our summer plans.” Since Earle is touring this summer and fall, I guess there will be no Poundcake shows for a while. Thompson wondered if there was any merch for sale which led to jokes about maybe having a few CDs left and what you can do with an obsolete format.

Teddy takes the lead on most of the songs and his voice is as gorgeous and ethereal as it has always been especially on songs like “Why Can’t He Be You” and “I Put a Spell on You.” Jeff and Ethan add beautiful harmonies while taking the lead on a few songs themselves. They performed a few songs I do not think I have heard them play before. And “Bye Bye Love” had to be worked out on stage because it was not planned.

They are still delightful to watch on stage but I felt a hesitancy – again, I think it is because of the long hiatus. I am looking forward to when they will be able to perform together again.


Set List


That’s All Right Mama

Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line

She’s Gone Gone Gone

It’s So Easy

There Stands the Glass

A Six Pack to Go

Important Words

My Baby’s Gone

Folsom Prison Blues

Brown-Eyed Handsome Man

Think It Over

Oh Boy

Summertime Blues

Only the Lonely


Wake Up Little Susie

Bye Bye Love

Little Sister

The Race is On


Hey Bartender (?)

Why Can’t He Be You

Daddy Sang Bass

Cut Across Shorty

I Put a Spell on You

Lonesome Town





What Do You Think of Her Now?

To Be Loved



By Carene Lydia Lopez