Frankenstein: National Theatre on YouTube 1 May – 8 May only

The National Theatre’s YouTube channel is showing Frankenstein. There are two versions: Benedict Cumberbatch is the monster and Jonny Lee Miller is Frankenstein. In the other version, they switch roles. The two Sherlocks. The play is a steampunk lover’s dream – costumes and set design. Acting is brilliant, of course. It’s a two-hour play and […]

Harriet: UT Austin 25 November 2019

Everyone should be familiar with a lot of the story. If not, shame on you for not paying attention in your history class. We do learn more about Harriet Tubman than we are taught in school. She saved over 70 slaves. She led an army unit during the Civil War and saved about 750 more. […]

Western Stars: AMC Empire 25 3 November 2019

peg suggested seeing Western Stars and I was all in because I am a big Bruce Springsteen fan and I thought this should be a movie seen on a big screen with big sound. I did not read anything about it beforehand, so all I knew was that it was a kind of concert film […]

Yesterday: 18 October 2019

I saw this on the plane, so I do not know what, if anything, was cut. It did not seem to be the type of movie where they would have to cut anything. By now, I think, everyone is familiar with the premise of Yesterday. A “failed” musician, Jack Malik, gets hit by a bus […]

Easy Rider *Live*: Radio City Music Hall 20 September 2019

Peter Fonda had an idea. For the 50th anniversary of Easy Rider, a live band would play the music while the film was shown. Calls were made and John Kay and Roger McGuinn – two musicians who contributed to the original soundtrack – were in. For New York City, Radio City Music Hall was booked. […]

Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice 5 October 2019

Saturday of the week before last, Peter and I went to see Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice. I confess – I was never a fan of her voice. Of her, yes, very much. She chooses brilliant songwriters and songs to cover. And technically, she is as close as you can be to a […]