Memphis: Day Four 15 December 2019

My last day in Memphis. Once again, a hotel breakfast. I checked out and told them I would like to leave my bags with them. I was directed to an unlocked linen closet. It is a good thing that I am a trusting person. I took at Lyft to the National Museum of Civil Rights […]

Memphis: Day 1 and 2 12-13 December 2019

Lucero would be performing their annual Christmas Family Party in Memphis that weekend in Memphis and I decided that this year I would go back. I had gone to their Christmas Family Parties in Little Rock and Memphis in 2010. On that trip, I saw Graceland (full tour), The Peabody, and stumbled over Sun Studios, […]

Phoenix: Day Six 24 October 2019

Another long work day for my sister so I spent the day relaxing, doing some work, watching TV, and writing. After a bit, I realized that I did not get any cake – in fact no dessert at all – on my birthday. On top of that, my office, which does once a month birthday […]

Phoenix: Day Four 22 October 2019

My birthday! I had had high hopes for the day since it was going to end with seeing Lucero but it did not turn out that way. When I first told my sister I would be visiting her the week of my birthday, she told me that she would take the entire week off. Then […]

Phoenix: Day Two 20 October 2019 Part Two

After the Desert Botanical Garden, Kate and I went to The Vig Arcadia (there are several locations) and sat on the patio and talked some more and had margaritas and guacamole and fish tacos. Since we still had time until Denise was finished, Kate drove through the “chicken neighborhood.” The area used to have something […]

Phoenix: Day One 19 October 2019

My plane ride last night was uneventful, which is good. It was about 10:30pm local time when I arrived and I told Denise I wanted to check out a dollar taco truck, which was outside a club. When we got to the address we couldn’t find the truck and Denise suggested In-N-Out Burger, which I […]

El Gauchito: Queens Dinner Club 13 August 2019

I missed the last Queens Dinner Club dinner but was able to make this one and I was looking forward to an Argentinian meal. El Gauchito is a 40yo butcher shop in the Argentinian section of Corona, Queens. After a while the owner added some tables and chairs and later his son broke through to […]