Memphis: Day Four 15 December 2019

My last day in Memphis. Once again, a hotel breakfast. I checked out and told them I would like to leave my bags with them. I was directed to an unlocked linen closet. It is a good thing that I am a trusting person. I took at Lyft to the National Museum of Civil Rights and you can read more about my museum visit here .

After leaving the museum, I saw the Blues Museum across the street and a mural up the street echoing the garbage workers’ strike that brought Martin Luther King Jr to Memphis.




I would have liked to explore the museum but that will have to wait until the next trip. I walked a few blocks to Gus’ World Famous Hot & Spicy Fried Chicken. I am not a fried chicken fan and have never found any that I like. This fried chicken was delicious. Despite the hot & spicy in the name, it is not as hot and spicy as Nashville hot chicken. The sides were not as good as Rendezvous’ but were good. And the sweet tea (and all drinks) have free refills.


Then it was a Lyft to the hotel and then the airport with a very chatty driver, who lost her job, starting driving for Lyft and decided that she liked being her own boss, so was not looking that hard for another office job.

The plane was delayed because of 51mph winds at EWR. Eventually they found a new crew (after the plane landed at MEM, it was decided the crew could not make the return trip) and we made it home. Thankfully, the winds had died down so we did not have to fly into that kind of weather.

I may be going to Memphis again in the summer for Lucero’s Block Party. If I do go, there are still plenty of places for me to check out.

By Carene Lydia Lopez