Frankenstein: National Theatre on YouTube 1 May – 8 May only

The National Theatre’s YouTube channel is showing Frankenstein. There are two versions: Benedict Cumberbatch is the monster and Jonny Lee Miller is Frankenstein. In the other version, they switch roles. The two Sherlocks. The play is a steampunk lover’s dream – costumes and set design. Acting is brilliant, of course. It’s a two-hour play and […]

INK: Manhattan Theatre Club 21 April 2019

I wanted to see INK because it starred Jonny Lee Miller. rtb wanted to see it because it starred Bertie Carvel. And we managed to bring peg along with us. Mrs. Devereaux unfortunately was ill and could not make it. We had tickets for the center of the last row of the balcony. The 2-hour […]