TarantinosNYC: Brooklyn Bowl 18 August 2012

Time to jump back into the surf for a night of surf, soul, spy, and spaghetti western with my friends The TarantinosNYC.

First rtb and I met up at Mable’s Smokehouse for some BBQ. I had the pulled pork and she had the brisket and it was delicious. The place was packed – a few tables had been reserved. I didn’t realize you could reserve space there. Now I know where I want to throw my next party. Mable’s is right around the corner from the Brooklyn Bowl and as we walked past the Brooklyn Brewery we had to maneuver our way past some very drunken people who’d been on the brewery tour.

The Brooklyn Bowl is huge space and I was afraid that The TarantinosNYC were going to get lost in it. I needn’t have worried. rtb and I sat at one of the six tables that had been set up on the sides of the dance floor. As Tricia Tarantino (bass), Paul Tarantino (lead guitar), Brian Tarantino (keys/guitar), and Joey Tarantino (drums) played their 90-minute set, people in the club kept moving closer and filling in the floor, and were dancing, dancing, dancing.

The TarantinosNYC play a mix of covers and originals. They are all great musicians and I defy anyone to tell the difference between one of their songs and the covers.

The best review is that a lot of people who were there to just hang out or to see the Latin band after them became totally engaged with what The Tarantinos were doing and enjoyed the night as much as I did.





By Carene Lydia Lopez