Fall for Dance: Program Five: New York City Center 11 October 2015

Sixth night out in a row (plus brunch earlier in the day). And the fifth program for Fall for Dance.

L-E-V’s Killer Pig was a violent piece. The dancers were dressed in beige and they start as a group and move in unison. One or more leave the group and the killing starts with the occasional yelling from the dancers. The music (by Ori Litchtik) also ramps up as the piece gets more violent. It was created by Sharon Eal and Gai Behar. The dancers are Gon Biran, Sharon Eyal, Rebecca Hytting, Mariko Kakizaki, Leo Lerus, Douglas Letheren, and Keren Lurie Pardes.

Bill Irwin’s and Tiler Peck’s Time It Was/116 was a needed delight after the intensity of the first performance. One of my favorites, Damian Woetzel, choreographed this piece along with Irwin and Peck. Clowns. Clowns dressed as clowns. Clowns dressed as ballerinas. Give and take. Hats on and off. Funny. A lot of tick-tock-tick-tock. And then Philip Glass’ Violin Solo played by Johnny Gandelsman.

If you love classical Western ballet, then you would love the Pas de Quatre by the Boston Ballet. Maria Baranova, Erica Cornejo, Ashley Ellis, and Misa Kuranaga are dressed in all white and dance together and separately. Choreography is by Leonid Yakobson and music is by Vincenzo Bellini (Excerpts from Norma).

And the final piece for this year’s program is Ímpetu, flamenco dancing by Jesús Carmona & CIA. Carmona choreographed the piece, which was him dancing solo to the music of Daniel Jurado played live by Jurado on guitar, Oscar Lago on guitar, Thomas Potiron on violin, and Jose Ibañez and Maka Ibañez on vocals. It’s a dramatic way to end a season and a wonderful counterpoint to the Argentinian gauchos from the first program. Carmona used the entire floor to talk with us with his heels and toes.

By Carene Lydia Lopez