Old 97’s: Brooklyn Bowl 20 October 2015

Leave it to the Old 97’s to completely change my mood for the better. I wasn’t feeling well and I was tired and then they took the stage and suddenly I was dancing and singing and had all the energy in the world. I love my boys in Lucero but no one gets me dancing like the Old 97’s do.

Banditos was the opening act. A mix of fast country and blues, the band is from Birmingham, Alabama and I had difficulty understanding the female singer when she spoke. The band is Corey Parsons (singer/guitarist), Stephen Pierce (singer/banjo), Randy Wade (drums), Jeffrey Salter (guitar), Mary Beth Richardson (vocals/kazoo), and Danny Vines (bass). The band is trying really hard with Richardson trying her hardest to sound and look like Janis Joplin. I think if they relaxed a little it would work better.


The Old 97’s entered to a Spanish version of “Hotel California” and they played old songs and new. One interesting thing is that we got a sober Rhett Miller (singer/guitar), who didn’t talk much at all. Murry Hammond (bass/singer) did some talking and even Ken Bethea (lead guitar) talked more than I’ve ever heard from him – he told a story about baseball in his rural town in East Texas. It turns out he was stretching to give Philip Peeples (drums) time to return from the encore break. Philip got there in time to start playing in the middle of the second encore song. No matter how often I see this band or hear these songs they make me very happy. This band is tight and they all obviously still love playing together after all these years. There’s no better cure for what ails you than one night with the Old 97’s.

Set List

Give It Time
Dance with Me
Streets of Where I’m From
W TX Teardrops
Big Brown Eyes
Bel Air
Over the Cliff
Old Familiar Steam
Color of a Lonely Heart is Blue
Longer Than You’ve Been Alive
Let the Idiot Speak
Designs on You
This is the Ballad (?)
White Port
Rollerskate Skinny
Barrier Reef
Every Night is Friday Night (Without You)
Most Messed Up


Most in the Summertime (Rhett solo)
Desperate Times
Let’s Get Drunk & Get It On


By Carene Lydia Lopez