Shuffle Along: Music Box Theatre 22 June 2016

What does a person do the day after gall bladder surgery? Go see a musical, of course. I have always wanted to see Audra McDonald on stage. And seeing Brian Stokes Mitchell and Billy Porter would be nice too. McDonald would be taking a leave of absence from the show from July until the fall […]

Rhett Miller: City Winery 20 June 2016

Yay! Found notes for this show. But of course they’re difficult to read and now I can’t remember what I meant when I wrote certain things down. Rhett Miller did a summer residency at City Winery this summer and I made sure I saw at least one of the shows. I think rtb and I […]

New York Philharmonic: Central Park 16 June 2016

This is another concert that I know I took notes for. I cannot find the program anywhere in my house and that’s where I wrote everything down. It’s probably with one of my spoons that also mysteriously disappeared. Every year I plan to see the New York Philharmonic in Central Park, which is free and […]

Gad Elmaleh: Joe’s Pub 5 June 2016

Unfortunately, when you wait this long to write up the shows you’ve seen there’s a chance that you will lose your notes or forget what you saw or both. I know I had notes I’d taken after this show but I can’t find them. What do I remember? Mrs. Devereaux, rtb, and I had seen […]