Phoenix: Day Seven 25 October 2019

My last day. My flight did not leave until 8:40pm, so Denise and I planned to go to the Arizona State Fair, which was one of the top items on my to-do list. She had a job in Scottsdale and I was going with her so we could leave right from there. When the alarm […]

Phoenix: Day Six 24 October 2019

Another long work day for my sister so I spent the day relaxing, doing some work, watching TV, and writing. After a bit, I realized that I did not get any cake – in fact no dessert at all – on my birthday. On top of that, my office, which does once a month birthday […]

Phoenix: Day Five 23 October 2019

Denise had a long day at work but we had made plans to go to a rodeo that they do twice a week at a Cave Creek bar, Buffalo Chip Saloon. They have two shows (7:30pm and 9:30pm) and we were going to the later show since she would not be home until about 9pm. […]

Lucero: Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix 22 October 2019

As I detailed here, my birthday had sucked so far. I was visiting my sister and Phoenix and had bought tickets for Lucero for my birthday and the day was not going well. I walked into the Crescent Ballroom as soon as the doors opened and found myself a place at the stage. There were […]

Phoenix: Day Four 22 October 2019

My birthday! I had had high hopes for the day since it was going to end with seeing Lucero but it did not turn out that way. When I first told my sister I would be visiting her the week of my birthday, she told me that she would take the entire week off. Then […]

Phoenix: Day Three 21 October 2019

This was a quiet day. Denise had a bunch of errands and I did not feel like going along. I slept in, did some work, and did some writing. One of the places Denise had been wanting to go to was a casino. I have not been to one in ages and neither had she. […]

Phoenix: Day Two 20 October 2019 Part Two

After the Desert Botanical Garden, Kate and I went to The Vig Arcadia (there are several locations) and sat on the patio and talked some more and had margaritas and guacamole and fish tacos. Since we still had time until Denise was finished, Kate drove through the “chicken neighborhood.” The area used to have something […]

Phoenix: Day Two 20 October 2019 Part One

One thing I forgot to mention about the airport is that we had a celebrity sighting. As Denise and I were walking to the elevator to get to her car, we see a blonde woman pushing a luggage cart flanked on either side by younger women and a young man with a walkie-talkie. I do […]

Phoenix: Day One 19 October 2019

My plane ride last night was uneventful, which is good. It was about 10:30pm local time when I arrived and I told Denise I wanted to check out a dollar taco truck, which was outside a club. When we got to the address we couldn’t find the truck and Denise suggested In-N-Out Burger, which I […]